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Theresa May to promise to take action for British industry
The PM will vow to help key sectors such as pharmaceuticals and boost skills for the post-Brexit economy.
Browned toast and potatoes are 'potential cancer risk', say food scientists
Starchy food should be cooked golden yellow to cut intake of a possible cancer-causing chemical.
Theresa May was told about Trident missile test
No 10 says the PM was told of last June's Trident test, after reports the missile went off course.
Fog alert in southern England: Heathrow cancels 100 flights
Heathrow cancels 100 flights, with London City and Gatwick also affected by the fog.
Ten seconds to demolish 19 buildings
Five tonnes of explosives are used to demolish a series of tower blocks in Wuhan, China.
Madonna says White House comments 'taken out of context'
A row erupts over Madonna's comments about US President Donald Trump during a speech at the weekend.
Donald Trump's team in fresh war of words with US media
Donald Trump's chief of staff joins the attack on reporting, vowing to fight "tooth and nail".
Woman describes how she was tricked by fake profile
A woman tells how she was conned out of thousands of pounds by a gang using a fake online dating profile.
Dean Saunders' mother: 'I told prison officials he would kill himself'
An investigation into the death of prisoner Dean Saunders has found a catalogue of failures contributed to his suicide and he should have been in hospital not prison.
China birth rate up after one-child rule change
Many of the 18.46 million babies born in China last year already had an older sibling, say officials.
Sinn Féin expected to announce new Stormont leader
Sinn Féin is expected to announce its new Stormont leader later today with Michelle O'Neill tipped to take the role.
Can selfies really be art? London's Saatchi Gallery thinks so
Ahead of a London gallery opening its first selfie exhibition, can such pictures really be considered art?
US storms: Tornadoes wreak havoc in Mississippi
Aerial footage shows the extent of devastation caused by tornadoes in Mississippi in the US, which claimed the lives of four people
How risky is a slice of burnt toast?
Experts say bread should be cooked to a golden yellow colour to reduce our intake of a chemical which could cause cancer.
Samsung reveals cause of Galaxy Note 7 phone fires
Samsung reveals what caused the overheating and burning of some of its Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones.
Quentin Willson encouraging the use of electric cars
Motoring journalist Quentin Willson calls for cheaper and simpler prices to encourage the use of electric cars.
The Gambia: Concern over 'missing state millions'
More than $11m (£8.8m) is allegedly missing from The Gambia's state coffers after its leader's departure.
Land Rover thefts 'rise after Defender production ends'
Thieves are using tracking devices to steal Land Rovers which are then broken down and exported.
President Donald Trump says he will 'cherish' Obama letter
President Trump reveals that Barack Obama left him a "beautiful" letter at the Oval Office, but he keeps quiet about its contents.
Austria teaches asylum seekers how to ski
Austria is working to integrate asylum seekers by teaching them how to ski.
BBC News Channel
BBC coverage of latest developments as suspect in Berlin market attack is shot dead in Milan.
Stars appear at Trainspotting sequel premiere
Ewan McGregor leads the cast of the Trainspotting sequel at the film's world premiere in Edinburgh.
Australian Open: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shares heartfelt letter from ball girl
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shares a thank you note from a ball girl named Giuliana, whom he helped at the 2016 Australian Open.
Andrew Walker: A UK-EU trade deal is another WTO issue
If the UK and the EU are going to have a trade agreement, it is best to get as many sectors covered as possible to reduce the chances of a WTO challenge.
Damien McGuinness: Berlin unimpressed by Brexit message
An appeal over a post-Brexit trade deal was met with sniggers in Berlin, Damien McGuinness writes.
Roger Harrabin: World v Trump on climate deal?
As the new president settles in, much of the world reaffirms its commitment to the Paris agreement.
Sean Spicer: Who is President Trump's spin doctor?
New White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has warned that the media will be held "accountable".
How the barcode changed retailing and manufacturing
How a design originally drawn in the sand led to the growth of giant supermarkets.
The Australian Muslim MP fighting the trolls
Dr Mehreen Faruqi uses social media to expose those who bombard her with sexist and racist abuse.
What is Acrylamide, and should we give up toast?
What is acrylamide and why is it important to minimise it in our diet?
Newspaper headlines: May's 'missile crisis' over Trident failure
Reaction to the reported failure of a Trident missile test is widely reported, while the prime minister's upcoming meeting with Donald Trump stays in the headlines.
Week in pictures: 14-20 January 2017
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
Lords of the ruins
Photographs taken by BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen as he takes a journey through eastern Aleppo's largely deserted streets.
Africa's top shots
A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.
In pictures: Prize pigeons
Photographs from inside a Turkish pigeon auction in Sanliurfa.
Australian Open 2017: Johanna Konta beats Ekaterina Makarova, Serena Williams next
Britain's Johanna Konta beats Ekaterina Makarova to set up an Australian Open quarter-final against Serena Williams.
Ryan Mason: Hull midfielder fractures skull in clash of heads at Chelsea
Hull City midfielder Ryan Mason has surgery after fracturing his skull during Sunday's Premier League game at Chelsea.
Middle-aged new town
Milton Keynes is perhaps the best known of the 20th Century's "new towns", but how has it changed over the past 50 years?
Home solutions
Nigeria's largest city Lagos is facing a housing crisis. The BBC's Nancy Kacungira looks at how entrepreneurs are trying to solve the crisis.
Gator aid
Texan Christy Kroboth used to have a quiet job in a dentist's surgery. Now she spends her time jumping on animals many times her size - and taping their jaws tightly shut.
Thanks Bill
How Andy Kuper built investment firm Leapfrog, which aims to help pull people out of poverty in the developing world by investing in insurance and healthcare firms.
Rocking the warehouse
GreyOrange is India's biggest robotics company, making machines which support the country's booming online retail industry.
'An Unsuitable Boy'
Karan Johar has been criticised for not setting an example for gays in India.
10 things
Cambridge University has a professor of play, and more news nuggets.
Weekend Edition
Stories you may have missed in the past seven days, including the woman marrying a man who saved her life, and challenging the pseudo-science of alternative health cures.
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