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Tech Corp has been serving the Berkshire community since 1988. We specialise in helping you communicate with your customers, and our staff offers quality and reliable Communication Products you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

TechCorpNo matter what communication product you need, we will have it at prices you can afford. At TechCorp, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest calibre.

Browse our Web site for more information about Tech Corp. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Tech Corp representative regarding our communication products, please e-mail us at info@techcorp.co.uk

At Tech Corp, the customer always comes first.


Robots can now be your in-store greeter, what jobs should they take next? (Open_Tab) - CNET
Do you want to walk into the store and get help from a robot? Or ask an android waiter to fix a mistake with your meal at a restaurant? We chat about that possible future in this excerpt from Open_Tab.
'That music is scary!' Robots react to the trailer for horror movie 'Morgan' - CNET
How will human-like robots react to the creepy trailer for a new movie starring Kate Mara and Paul Giamatti?
Amazon offers up car advice with Amazon Vehicles - CNET
The new site within Amazon.com can steer you to research on thousands of cars and trucks, as well as customer reviews.
In Sweden and Finland, tech companies help refugees find work - CNET
Both Nordic nations are stretched thin processing thousands of new asylum seekers. The tech industry is lending a much-needed hand.
Apple Music Festival 2016: See Britney, Elton, Alicia Keys and more for free - CNET
The annual free music extravaganza returns in September. Here's how to win tickets.
Self-driving taxis hit Singapore - Roadshow
US startup nuTonomy on Thursday began trialling autonomous taxis in Singapore, beating Uber to the starting line.
Pokemon Go-playing truck driver kills pedestrian, police say - CNET
Technically Incorrect: In Japan, a truck driver allegedly admits he was playing the game when he hit two women, killing one and injuring the other.
Google marks National Park Service's centennial with virtual tour - CNET
Animated doodle takes us on a tour of some of the natural beauty that has been set aside for our enjoyment in the past 100 years.
Class up your emojis with the NYPLEmoji Twitter bot - CNET
A new Twitter bot designed by the New York Public Library responds to emojis with relevant selections from its vast array of old images.
Who is Sombra? The alternate reality hunt for Overwatch's new character - CNET
Codes, video snippets and 'hacked' twitter accounts are all being used to tease Sombra, the next character to join Blizzard's team-based shooter.
Guard your secrets with HP's Sure View privacy screen - CNET
To ward off physical hacking, HP is adding a built-in privacy filter to some of its business laptops.
Drop test: Is the Galaxy Note 7 really tougher than the S7 Edge? - CNET
The Note 7 is the first phone made with Gorilla Glass 5, but does this make it a tougher to break that the S7 Edge?
Man claims bottles and cans just stick to his head - CNET
Technically Incorrect: No one seems to know why Jamie Keeton's body is the way it is. But it's seemingly magnetic. So much so that he makes money out of it.
SF woman outhustles others to win #PitchLeBron online contest - CNET
The owner of a San Francisco company gets a big-league shout-out from the NBA star on social media.
Good thing Rick Astley doesn't mind Rickrolling, cause we're never gonna give it up - CNET
The singer whose 1980s video is at the heart of a recurring internet joke says he knows it's not personal.
Google Fiber flips the switch on super-fast internet in Salt Lake City - CNET
Residents are invited to check whether their address is served by 1-gigabit service, which costs $70 per month.
Beware of moldy bagpipes: Doctors warn musicians of health concerns - CNET
Players who don't regularly clean their instruments could end up suffering from "Bagpipe lung," according to a new case study.
Can a social network curb racial profiling? - CNET
Nextdoor became a magnet for racial profiling. An update aims to reduce such incidents, but what responsibility does the community message board have to do so?
Americans say science is why they've given up religion - CNET
Technically Incorrect: A new Pew survey finds that those who say they have no religion tend to cite science as one of the main reasons.
Why Heath Ledger's Joker was the best Batman bad guy - CNET
No joke! A new video makes a convincing argument as to why the Clown Prince of Crime makes the perfect antagonist for the Dark Knight.
Parents have little clue what their kids are doing online, study says - CNET
Technically Incorrect: A Microsoft-sponsored survey suggests teens think their parents have little awareness of their online activity. And less than a third of parents suspect their kids have secret online lives.
Would you believe that Lincolns have the highest rate of owner satisfaction? - Roadshow
That's the case, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.
China's Mars rover concept looks like a butterfly - CNET
China plans to send an expedition to Mars soon, and it wants to land a very pretty rover on the surface.
Giant butt-shaped aircraft crashes because butts weren't meant to fly - Roadshow
The world's apparently largest aircraft crashed during a test flight in England. But all the internet could see was that it looks like a heinie.
Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies - CNET
CNET's Eric Franklin ranks all 13 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and asks that you please be gentle with your reaction. Updated August 24, 2016.

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